LSF System

Smart Building Concept

In relation to the construction of housing, Interaço offers an innovative construction process using the Smart Building concept. This concept is based on the system of Light Steel Framing, a building system characterized by the use of lightweight galvanized steel frames.

Environmentally speaking, the LSF system can undoubtedly be considered a sustainable building method, as it promotes greater economic efficiency, enormous savings of natural and human resources, and a lower impact on the environment due to the solutions adopted during the project and construction phases, the utilization, reutilization and recycling of the building. This building method is characterised as being industrialised, modern, fast, clean and dry, factors which are advantageous during the construction process and its posterior occupation.


. Excellent thermal and acoustic behaviour, a much superior quality in comparison to traditional construction

. Guarantee of structural safety, with a safer reaction when subjected to seismic activity

. An Industrialised system that is ecological, economic and precise, operated by a skilled workforce

. There are no restrictions in relation to the type of architecture, since the manufacturing process is perfectly adaptable to the requirements of the project

. Use of non-combustible materials

. System with limited thermal exchange between the interior and exterior, ensuring energy savings and increased comfort.

. Reduction of costs due to the optimisation of manufacture and assembly time

. Rapid delivery of finished product to the home owner

. The home is clean, dry and organised, free of debris and dust.